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MySQL Server Migration Started...
Peter Knowles
Wednesday, January 9, 2013, 5:05 PM
Today TPN Solutions started the process of migrating databases from our "web" cluster to our newly created "sql" cluster.


By creating our "sql" cluster we're making our "web" cluster more lighter, allowing for faster access and a more optimized experience.

To ensure the fastest speed to each database, we're hosting each "sql" node in the same facility as the corresponding "web" node. On average, accessing a database happens in a "fraction" of a "millisecond" allowing for near real-time access.

While our goal is to make things better, on the flip-side this change does require clients to adjust their scripts to point from "localhost" to the designated "sql" server.

Finally to increase security, "sql" nodes are only able to communicate with their assigned "web" node. This not only increases security but also improves performance by auto-rejecting public traffic not originating from the assigned "web" node at the firewall level.


In order to ensure that customer's accounts do not experience excessive downtime we've scheduled a number of "phases" in order to progressively roll out the migration.

During "phase #1", we're working on migrating TPN Solutions' owned websites to their designated cluster nodes, and adjusting our scripts accordingly.

We will then roll out the changes client-by-client, until everyone is moved, then shutdown MySQL on the "web" nodes followed by further optimizations across the clusters.


As mentioned in my previous blog posting, there are lots of exciting updates and additions coming in 2013. Be sure to check back often!
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